Who We Are

An initial fundraiser was set up in the form of a memorial walk to honor Ruth H. Boyd who lost her battle after just four months to ovarian cancer. The funds we raise are donated to research organizations looking for ways to detect and cure ovarian cancer.

Our History

We started the organization in June 2012 with the goal of raising funds to donate to research. In 2012 we raised just over $2000. In 2013  the walk garnered around the same amount. In 2014 we attempted a Zumbathon that brought in about $3000 and in 2015 we doubled that to make over $6000!

Our Current Work

Fundraising is currently being held in September every year in the form of a chicken BBQ and silent auction in York, NY. Funds raised are donated to the Western New York Ovarian Cancer Project and Livingston County Hospice.

Our Future

We intend to continue advocating and spreading the word to prevent and cure ovarian cancer.